Hair styled by Hanna.

What are highlights?

A lightening process that involves weaving the hair to create dimensions and a more natural grow out. A toner is most likely needed after a highlight process, as when the hair is lifted with any lightening product, the hair will be raw and will need tone added to it.

Full head highlights: All over the hair
T-section: Only around the hairline and parting
Half head: From the ear to ear, if you imagine a line around the head

What are lowlights?

Adding darker pieces through the hair to create a darker dimension, sometimes the hair will still require to be lightened and then a darker toner put on the hair depending on what the desired outcome is and the base of your natural hair.

What is toner?

A toner is essential after most lightening processes; when we lighten the hair we reveal the hair to a raw uncoloured state, which will be to some degree orange or yellow, as it is very difficult to lift the hair to a pure white without damaging the hair, the toner is a very important step in any lightening procedure.

What is full-head colour?

This is a global colour application. We can only achieve lightening with a full head colour application if the hair is completely virgin hair as colour does not lift artificial colour pigment, it only lifts the hair’s natural pigment.

What is a colour correction?

Colour correction is anything that involves doing a dramatic change, this could be from extremely light to extremely dark or very dark to very light, bright vivid colours, etc. All colour corrections will need to have consultation before booking.

What is root application?

Applying colour to the roots of the hair, to match up the ends of the hair.