If you live in Dubai — or any city where temperatures are either very hot or VERY cold — you know just how important hair care is! Protecting your hair against the elements is a way of life — otherwise, you’ll end up with dry, frizzy and dull hair! That’s why our team at Essentials Salon Dubai have put together an easy list of five essential hair products we can’t live without.

Add this handful of products to your hair care routine, and we guarantee that the Dubai heat will no longer be your hair’s worst enemy.

When you come into Essentials, we like to make sure your hair is as healthy as it is beautiful, regardless of which treatment you’ve chosen! Whether you’ve come in for balayage, curl wash and style, or even a blow dry, these five things will help you protect your hair when you’re at home, too.

1. Hair Mask

Moisture, moisture, moisture! In this dry heat — and even in the humidity — having the RIGHT kind of moisture in your hair is so important. Just like you pamper yourself with face masks to bring back your skin’s natural glow, you need to use hair masks to help you recover from heat damage, chemical treatments and even natural aging. Hair masks, typically rich with natural oils, are essentially like deep conditioners that give your hair a healthy boost. Tip: Whether your hair is dry or oily, make sure you find a hair mask that’s right for your hair type!

2. Scalp Exfoliator

The new IT thing in hair care: scalp treatments! Shampooing your hair doesn’t always get rid of all the product build-up affecting your scalp. That’s why it’s important to give it a deep cleanse. Plus, it feels divine! Whether you invest in a scalp brush to gently massage your scalp while cleansing your hair, taking care of your scalp health is so important! The healthier the scalp, the stronger and glossier the hair.

3. Heat Protector

We can’t overstate how important heat protectors are! If they’re not part of your essential hair products, you need to add them — fast! If you are applying any type of heat to your hair, like blow drying, flat ironing or even curling, then it is crucial you pick up a trusted heat protecter and apply as directed. Every. Single. Time. Using a heat protector is essentially like adding a barrier between your hair cuticles and the heat — saving them from unnecessary damage, and prolonging your hair’s health and shine!

4. Detangling Brush

Okay, if you have wavy or curly hair, then you already know this secret. DETANGLING BRUSHES ARE MIRACULOUS! Sorry if we seem over-excited. But ever since detangling brushes became popular on the market, our scalp has been in much better shape. No more snagging and breakage. Just apply your conditioner to wet hair, as usual, and let these babies do their magic. Usually, what distinguishes detangling brushes from regular brushes is the type of bristles — and how those bristles are sized and spaced.

5. Styling Products

Finally, never underestimate a good styling product. While you may think your hair wouldn’t benefit from styling products, it almost certainly would! The important thing is to do your research about your hair type and finding out which products work best. For example, is your hair straight or curly? Thin or thick? Oily or dry? All of those things can help you decide what styling products to keep handy in your arsenal!


That’s it! If your hair needs a little extra loving, make sure you book a treatment with us.